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The annual accounts of UDOY are to audited by the govt. registered audit firms for each calendar year in accordance with the rules and regulations. The accounts are also subjected donor’s audit.

UDOY prepares monthly financial statement for individual project account and it is centrally managed. Individual project offices prepared and sent to head office all the donor wise financial report including receipts and payment accounts/fund overview income and expenditure account and balance sheet as monthly basis. Head office consolidated the donor wise financial reports and sent to the Donor’s according to their requirement as monthly/half-yearly/yearly basis. All the reports are supported bank balance certificate.

There is system of External Audit of the organization by chartered accountant’s farm once in a year. Yearly audit ensured as per enlisted accounts firm. The appointment of auditor is made by the decision of executive committee meeting. Donor wise separate internal audit in term of donors has been conducted time to time from the donor side.