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UDOY is a non-profit, non-political and secular non-Governmental social development organization, Committed to reduce gender discrimination  and enhancing environmental management to ensure a poverty free better Society. It works in the identified rural and urban areas targeting sustainable social change that will contribute in ensuring a better life for the vulnerable people, with special emphasize to women and Children.

 UDOY’S literary meaning is “Emergence in development horizon’’ In 1st January 1996 some local social workers, educationist and like-minded development workers felt the needs of the poor and hardcore people of Tangail and to develop an appropriate alternative development approach in the context of Bangladesh the Organization came existence. Working with the community-distressed people with the generous financial support of several donors.

We have been successfully implementing various development activities since 1996 in the areas of Concretization, Capacity building, institution building, Capital formation and imparting felt need based problem Solving programs by adopting modern scientific neologies.

UDOY works adopting target group development approach and most of the groups are associated with women members. It implements it’s all activities targeting in purpose to Project rights of the target woman and Children. It Continues its all efforts to UDOY,s Commitment though mainstreaming gender in a participatory development Process. It collaborates with different local, National and international NGOs and government Departments in realizing their Common goal of woman empowerment, human right, gender, environment and Education, rural and urban development.

UDOY adopts decentralized participatory management system in program implementation. It’s General Committee for policy making and executing it’s program .The program staff headed by the Executive Director, who is responsible for overall program implementation and management of all the policies formulated by the Executive committee.