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List of On-going Programme – 2016

Srl. No. Geographical Area Name of the Program Number of  Beneficiaries  Donors  Remarks
01. Tangail, Dhaka, Gazipur &
Kurigram District
Micro Credit.

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11,475 Own Fund
*Bangladesh Bank
02  —-Do—- Savings & Capital Formation. Read More 14,000 Members of the
03 Tangail Pre-primary Education Program. Read More 450 BRAC (ESP) 2009-Ongoing
04 Tangail, Gazipur Housing Program.Read More 725 Bangladesh Bank 2003-Ongoing
05 Tangail, Primary health care, Maternity and Childcare. Read More 7503 Kumudini Hospital Mirzapur, Tangail. 2002-Ongoing
06 Hobigunge Awareness Build up Training at the Tea Garden & Haor Upzilla in Hobigunge.Read More 1,650 Department of Women Affairs  2016-Ongoing
07 Tangail Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP). Read More 325 Pally Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)  2016-Ongoing
08 Tangail Building, Skills for Unemployed & Under Employed Labour (B-Skillful).Read More 240 Swiss Contract  2016-Ongoing
09 Gazipur,Mymensingh,


Dhonoya – Gas Transmission Pipe Line Project.Read More People of the Project Area Gas Transmission Company Limited(GTCL)  2016-Ongoing
10 Comilla HIV/AIDS. Read More Labour,  Laksham, Akhura, Railway Station Max Auto Mobile Product  2016-Ongoing
11 Tangail Development Support Services to Women under the Vulnerable  Group Development (VGD) Program.

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Department of Woman Affairs  2009-2010


Total Beneficiaries 18,777

12 Tangail & Gazipur District Solar Panel Project Read More 1,035 Mutual Trust Bank
13 Tangail & Kurigram Relief & Rehabilitation Program Read More 5,173 Own Fund
14 Tangail Tobacco Control Program Read More 5,700 W.B.B. Trust & Udoy

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